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Thread: Question for you 3800SC guys

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    Question for you 3800SC guys

    I'm about to install my 3800SC into my 355 replica... and only now thought to ask the question. Is it gonna fit??? I mean, will I be able to shut my deck lid? I noticed when taking out the 2.8 that the screen beneath the deck lid had been lying on top of the intake, it left marks. Now, since it's a kit and to avoid vibration, I've chosen to use oem rubber mounts with the wcf adapter bracket, but I've gotta ask the question, does the 3800 sit higher than the 2.8?? I've been told it doesn't. I know the 3.4dohc does, which is one of the reasons I went for the 3.8........... any help will be appreciated........

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    Re: Question for you 3800SC guys

    Funnwheels, I know you've got the same set up. Do you think I'll be okay with the stock rubber mounts?? And I guess if I'm gonna be forced to lower the alternator, A/C is out of the question.
    Where can I get the alternator relocator bracket?

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    Re: Question for you 3800SC guys

    Check Pennock's chat group for HUGE amounts of info on converting to a 3800 and 3800 SC.
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    Re: Question for you 3800SC guys

    get in touch with Loyde at he does this swap all the time.
    great guy to work with and will answer all your questions.

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    Re: Question for you 3800SC guys

    Don, we sent Blutes here because of the 355 decklid. Is it lower than the stock Fiero decklid? Consensus at Pennock's was that minus the alternator, the 3800SC is lower than the 2.8.


    PS, Using a smaller alternator (Stock Fiero) also gets you the clearance you need to clear the Fiero decklid.
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    Re: Question for you 3800SC guys

    I have the 3800 SC in my 355 I am building and I have no clearance issues at all, it fit in so well I never even thought of it as an issue before, i have a welded steel frame around my decklid and it still isnt even close... I am thinking of modifying a Lambo engine cover to set over the 3800 and just cover the Lambo emblems with Ferrari emblems, I could probably get pictures of the engine sitting in my car if you are interested

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    Re: Question for you 3800SC guys

    CoastalStuart, that'd be cool, I'd like to see any pics if you've got them. So far the majority seems to believe that there won't be a problem. The fact that you've got a 355 as well, makes it easier to sleep at night........ thanks.

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    Re: Question for you 3800SC guys

    OK, ill grab the digital tonight, and see if I can figure out how to attatch it


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    Re: Question for you 3800SC guys

    SOrry, i cant get a digital picture yet, i measured it though, i have exactly 2 inches from the top of the alternator to the deck lid, it is plenty of clearance.. i bought my motor mounts from West Coast fiero, they are great, High quality fabrication, I purchased my wiring harness from them and had nothing but trouble with it.. i had to rewire a bunch of it myself

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    Re: Question for you 3800SC guys

    DarthFiero on PFF is like the 3800SC master. I know there is a few on here also but I am not sure who they all are.

    Notes from Darth fiero:

    Well I have limited experience with the SBC swap for a Fiero (although I do have a lot of knowledge pertaining to these engines). I did do an LT1 swap using a 4T60-E into an 86 GT car last winter and have a lot of info for that particular swap if you are interested in hearing the pros and cons.

    As for the 3800SC swap, I consider myself somewhat of an expert (shameless plug here) on the subject. As for which engine you want to look for, here it goes:

    The 3800 Series II SC engine came out in 1996. 1996 was consequently the only year the 3800 S2 SC (L67) was used with the 4T60-E trans. Starting in 1997, GM used the 4T65-E trans instead. All 96-97 L67's were identical. There is a rumor going around that starting in 1998, GM improved the cylinder head casting of the L67, athough I have yet to see any proof reinforcing this rumor. I can tell you that I am running 2 sets of 97 vintage heads and have no issues. The supposide issue only comes into play IF you have the heads extensively ported. 1 set of my 97 heads is stock and the other is mildy ported but again I have been running them for over 2 years each no problems.

    Starting in 1999, GM improved the throttle body on the L67. This throttle body flows better than the older unit, BUT you can use this newer (99-up) throttle body on all earlier L67's if you wish.

    Starting in 2004, GM released the 3800 Series III Supercharged (L32) engine which features a larger displacement supercharger and electronic fly-by-wire throttle body amoung other things. While you can use this engine with its computer in a Fiero, you will have to install all of the fly-by-wire throttle control hardware as well. OR, you can order an adapter plate for approx $100 that will allow you to run an earlier computer and cable operated throttle body. In fact I just got done installing this same engine into a 97 GTP with all of the 97 GTP computer controls and it runs great.

    When it comes to the computer, you have a couple of options. If you plan on using a manual or non-electronic auto trans, or the 4T60-E, you can use the 94-95 Series I 3800 SC computer which I do custom chips for that will allow it to work with the newer engines, either the Series 2 or 3, whichever you wish. However, if you want to use the 4T65-E trans then you will be limited in using a 97-up OBDII computer and that will have to be reprogrammed to work in a Fiero as well. (I don't currently support any OBDII platforms) As far as ease of wiring, the OBDI system has less wiring and the computer itself is physically smaller than the OBDII computer which means it will fit in the stock Fiero ECM location. The OBDII system is designed to be engine-compartment mounted which means there will actually be less wires that go into the passenger compartment, but it also means there will be more wiring out in the engine compartment.

    As far as transmissions, physically, the 4T65-E trans is stronger but there are pleanty of people including myself who are running the 4T60-E with great success, I know FieroX was running one deep in the 11's. Don't know if you plan on running an auto but if you are there is the rundown.

    Now as far as mounting there is no part of the Fiero body or cradle that is REQUIRED to be notched or cut to get the 3800 to fit, depending on how you mount the engine. The way I do my mounting is to weld some additional brackets onto the cradle which supports the engine/transmission on all 4 corners of the cradle and does not require the use of a dog bone, unless you choose to run one. This type of mounting offers the best noise/vibration isolation from the powertrain to the passenger compartment. WCF, FastFieros, and a couple of other vendors supply custom mounts that will allow you to use poly, stock fiero mounts, stock fiero alternator, etc if you wish to spend the money on them. The choice is yours.

    As far as performance, as will any engine, it's performance will be limited only by the depth of your wallet. There are a couple of 700+hp 3800's out there today running stock blocks, cranks, rods, etc so you know they are durable. The main shortfall of the 3800SC is the stock pistons. While you can produce great power with them, you must keep detonation in check as they will quickly fail if it occurs frequently enough under full boost. Other than that there isn't much you can't do with this engine.

    Parts list:
    3800 Super Charged Engine (W/O Frame)
    Conversion Components

    1 3800 SC Engine complete with accessories

    1 Transaxle

    1 Upper Engine to pipe Coolant hose (W/ 2 Clamps)

    1 Lower Engine to pipe Coolant hose (W/ 2 Clamps)

    1 AC Refrigerant hose assembly (W/ O-Rings and Seals)

    2 Heater hoses 6-ft length (W/ 4 Clamps)

    2 Axle assembly left and right

    1 Wiring Interface Cable

    1 Stainless Steel Exhaust system (w/ Clamps and Hangers)

    1 Front Engine Mounting Bracket

    1 Left Front Transaxle Mounting Bracket

    1 Rear Transaxle Mounting Bracket

    3 Engine/Transaxle Mounts

    2 Engine Torque Arms

    2 Fuel Lines 6-ft. length (W/ 4 Clamps)

    1 Shifter Adapter
    I am in Lowell, Indiana<br />Building an 88 Fiero GT with a 93 STS Northstar and 5 speed Getrag. <br />Custom Mr. Mikes interior, Norms fiberglass nose and custom paint.

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