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Thread: Rear Suspension Diagram

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    Rear Suspension Diagram

    Does anyone have any drawings with measurements for building a rear suspension using some sort of front wheel drive spindle? I would like to build my own and a drawing sure would help. :-\

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    Re: Rear Suspension Diagram

    Here is a thread that shows what I did with my rear suspension.

    Good luck. Not hard to do but measure three or four times and cut and fit once. Makes it easier since you have to grind the tubes to fit close enough to weld properly. Also, put the ball joint mounting plate on about a 10 degree angle up as I had mine flat and had to bend it upwards by about that amount.


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    Re: Rear Suspension Diagram

    A shot of my widened rear suspension. Extended drive axels, lower control arms, and new shock towers.
    Sorry Conboy, no drawings. The drawings were in my head. ;D
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