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    Anyone know of any insurance co's that insure replica's???

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    Re: insurance

    almost all of them do, but they very greatly in their treatment of the cars. some call it a cheap homebuilt project, and they charge you little to insure, but if you crash it, you'll get little money. others charge you huge amounts, but insure the car for top dollar. the problem with insuring kitcars is that a replica doesnt have a defined value. some people had problems where their cars were considered a total loss, and they got the price of the donor and kit roughly, but nothing for the time invested and all the details -- and they lost the car..
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    Re: insurance

    What you need is a Value Policy. What Auto is talking about is a lot of people insure there car as a Fiero on a standerd auto policy. By getting a standerd policy they value of the vehicle is only worth wht the current market is. As for a Value Policy you and the insurance company agree on a set value on the vehicle. For Example I have my car on a Value Policy set at $35,000.00, So if I get into an accident and my 355 is a total loss then I will get $35,000.00. There are a lot of restrictions on Value Policies for example you can not have more then 1 point on your licenses, No accidents in 3 years, proof of recipt for the amount valued, the car can not be driven 2,500 miles the first year of the policy, after the first year your limit is 5,000 miles a year, you have to be above 25 years of age, so on and so on. different companies have different policies but do research you need a Value Police.

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    Re: insurance

    There has been a lot of questions on insurance but I dont think this has been anwsered clearly.
    My question is..... Can you insure a lambo in Toronto with a tub chassis as a daily driver? Are there any safty tests that have to be run?

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    Well, tube chassis, ummm.........I think that would call for a full inspection, maybe engineer approval and maybe special license permit. :-X I dont want to discourage you or anything. As for the insurance part of it, i will insure my kit as a regular 85 fiero. I think as long as your insured one way you don't have to mention it is a kit car.


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    Re: insurance

    I don't know about other areas but I do know that Indiana here in the US has a apply for VIN and title that can be done through the BMV. Its close to titling a home built trailer, and as long as you don't make and resell so many within a year your ok doing this.
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