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Thread: Air Dynamics / John Watson

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    Air Dynamics / John Watson

    Just picked up my Air Dynamics body from the shipping company..................


    John Watson does amazing work! All of the panels are smooth, and the thickness of the panels is beyond anything I had expected!

    The details and finishing touches are second to none.

    I would HIGHLY RECOMEND Air Dynamics to anyone looking into a Replica!

    Thanks John ;D

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    Re: Air Dynamics / John Watson

    any pics 8)
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    Re: Air Dynamics / John Watson

    You would like pics of the panels? or a finished car?

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    Re: Air Dynamics / John Watson

    Glad to hear the car arrived in good shape.

    John does some great work. Welcome aboard!

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    Re: Air Dynamics / John Watson

    You would like pics of the panels? or a finished car?
    Panels...unless you have it finished already ;D
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    Re: Air Dynamics / John Watson

    I know it will go togther quick, but not that quick................. :-\ I'll get some pics posted this weekend.

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    Re: Air Dynamics / John Watson

    X-OTIC John will be shiping my kit out soon, how much did you shipping cost and who did you use? I have never seen an AD kit not put together, does it look very hard or does it seems to be stright forward?

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    Re: Air Dynamics / John Watson

    DeLorean, shipping was outrageous! But, I live a little further from John than you do, then there is also the boarder crossing, and what ever storage there is at the shipping company. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada,I think Sacremento is a few hundred miles closer, look into it. My total was $2,200.CAD, that was through a shipping/broker I use for all of my business shipping. If shipping is of concern, try and use an independent shipper/broker, they contract to the same larger companies as you might use, but it is at a signifigant discount to what a shipping "retailer" will charge.

    The crate John ships in is 6'10" wide, 5' tall, and 8' long. It weighs in at about 350 lbs, and nothing can be stacked on top of it, so based on how big it is, and how muche space it will take up, about 1/2 of a 5 ton truck, I didn't feel that the amount I had paid was too much.

    The Air Dynamics kit does not look diffuicult to install at all. All of the holes ar pre drilled or moulded, and they line up exactly with the Fiero's factory mounting points. The rear deck lid/enging cover is reinforced, and has the hinges and body support already installed, the vents in the lid are open and finished. The rear bumper looks quite authentic, the vents that run across are prefinished, and are non-existant in many other kits. The finish of the front bumper is spectacular!

    I am not too sure if you have performed any body work or panel replacement before, by looking at this kit, if you have replaced a fender before, you can install this kit. The body work required will be minimal, in comparison to a muscle car restoration, which is what the majority of what I have done. The gel coat looks even, and there are no bubbles visible. There looks to be minimal sanding required before a prime coat. Then I'll jump right to a guide coat if everything look to line up pretty close. I know there will be some work to make it work. I don't expect pefection from a kit, but John has delivered more than I had expected.

    I haven't spoken to BondoBob, if you look around on this forum, he is very knowlegable in these projects, and there are many pictures to guide you. He knows his S@#$, so look at the threads and ask!

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    Re: Air Dynamics / John Watson

    Thanks for your great reply!! As for bodywork I went to school for 5 years in auto body repair, and I rebuild crashed cars in my spare time (lately I have been finishing about 2 cars a weekend because I need the extra money, frame repair all the way to paint. Finishing in less then one days time.) But where I lack skill is im not a master fabricator, im ok but im more of a person the can fix some thing broken but not build a new one out of left overs. In this business that seems to be a must, but im glad that John kit seems straightforward. I'm excited to start my build!!


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    Re: Air Dynamics / John Watson

    Well................................ The Fiero is now dismantled, it took about 3 hours, I have never seen a vehicle come apart so quick before. The only thing left to do is take out the engine cradle, some sand blasting, minor welding and bracing, and to paint the "chassis", tub area, etc. Then the body can be mounted.

    No pics yet, forgot to bring the camera to the shop...............Sorry. I'll have them up by next weekend, hopefully this week.

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