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Thread: Thinking Different............

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    Thinking Different............

    Has anyone thought of the "aftermarket" for replica parts?

    People who buy Ferraris also want to personalize them, and replace some of the typical factory items that would be available aftermarket. So, has anyone looked into F355 tail lights that are of the "Euro" look or LED, or different ideas for fog and headlights?

    There has to be many options, the automotive aftermarket is huge, the only stump I seem to keep trippping over is the Ferrari aftermarket isn't so huge :-\

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    Re: Thinking Different............

    The problem is that the ferrari market is small compaired to other cars. What I mean manufactures around 3000 cars a year and honda makes about 10,000,000 2-door civics. So if an aftermarket company makes a body kit, at least 100,000 kids a year will buy one for their honda but maybe only 3 for a ferrari might get purchased.

    I have seen body kits for the ferrari 348 and 355 for the tone of about $10,000. I actually like the look of the kit but not for that price. I also found aftermarket smoked tail lights for the 355 or 360 for $2599.

    It is not exactly the same as the normal aftermarket world, you cant even get "aftermarket" brake pads for a ferrari at Autozone. Just to through them for a loop you should ask them what the core charge is on an F1 rebuild tranny. ;D
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    Re: Thinking Different............

    I guess it's because the aftermarket is bigger than just manufacturers. LED lighting I have looked at, is available in so many different sizes, you can get signal and marker lights, there are many tail light options.............. It is just a matter of finding a manufacturer that makes one with similar specifications.

    I have heard that C4 corvette tail lights might work? I know that the Corvette aftermarket is incredible, anyone tried that before?

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    Re: Thinking Different............

    Come to think of it, a guy on this forum has some euro clear vette lights on his spider. If I find the picture of it I will post here. The side marker lights are similar dimensions to several cars. You would just have to do some research and find what vehicles match or cross reference to.
    5 out of 4 people are not good at fractions

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