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Thread: CV Boots?

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    CV Boots?

    The Boots on my outer CV Joints keep comming loose, ~80 Elderado. The boots are nice and supple and everything inside looks good. But sometimes the Boot will pop out of the steel ring, other times the ring and all will slide off. Anyone have any experiance with this?
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    Re: CV Boots?

    did you replace the boots in the past or can you tell if the OEM CV boot clamp is on correctly? I think I would snip the boot clamp off being careful not to damage the boot itself. using a clean rag clean the area where the boot fits over and the inner part of the boot where it fits over the CV joint itself. and then replace the clamps with some new good ones. It may be hard to do this with still on the vehicle but give it a shot.. there is really no reason for the boots to come off unless they are very greasy and the clamp is not on tight. hope this helps.. good luck!
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    Re: CV Boots?

    It is natural for the boot to slide out of the outer ring if it is not seated all the way against the joint. The wall of the joint is beveled and tightens the boot against the ring when it is slid all the way forward. If the ring has been inserted and removed many times, or pounded in at an angle, it may be out of tolerance, so you will have to remove it and kind of bend the outer lip to a smaller diameter so it will fit tight against the joint. The El Dorado boot does not clamp at the joint like a Fiero Boot. I had this same problem when I tried to re-insert the boot with the axle at an angle, and had to make sure the axle was was straight before it would go on without the boot slipping out of the ring.

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