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Thread: Fiero alarm/keyless entry remote replacement

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    Fiero alarm/keyless entry remote replacement

    I'm putting off buying a new alarm until my interior and sound system is done in my 1988 Mera, so I'm sticking with the alarm that's in there. The alarm is still in good shape, works great, but the controller itself is cracked and worn and can no longer be attached to a keychain. I'm trying to track down either a replacement case or even a couple of new remotes that will work with my system or can be programmed to. I've been searching eBay, and I've been to countless remote/alarm places and Web sites and nobody seems to deal with things this old. (I did find one with a giant Oldsmobile logo on it with hideous "1" and "2" buttons, but there's gotta be a better choice.)

    Has anybody updated or refabbed their Fiero remote control recently? Where did you get the parts?

    It's a 2-button remote. From what I can tell this is a stock GM system used in the late 80s.

    The FCC I.D. is: GOH3YKCA UTX.

    Below the FCC ID, it says:
    DOC: K463
    Made in USA

    Inside on the circuit board it says: PCB0067A MPC

    There is no model info on the alarm horn except a sticker that says: GM Goodwrench Vehicle Security System.

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    Re: Fiero alarm/keyless entry remote replacement

    Radio Shack would used to sell a universal remote for alarm systems.They might still sell them.Possibly here,I did a quick Google search for Universal Alarm Remotes.Due to the high cost of most remotes,I would just buy a used alarm off e-bay.
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