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Thread: Rust proofing

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    Rust proofing

    I thought I would bring up this topic

    What do you guys use on the underbody of the car (in the engine compartment, where the shocks bolt to the frame, wheel wells, etc.) to keep the car from rusting. I was thinking something like an oil base or rustproofing application?


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    Re: Rust proofing

    If you want a smooth high gloss or satin finish, POR-15 is the greatest! I've used it for so many applications and haven't been happier. wear gloves it will not come off your skin.. spray on brush on, both work really well. if the area is free of rust and clean you can save alittle money and just use a good quality undercoating. If rust is already there seal it with the POR-15. good luck!
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