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Thread: Anyone done their own Stretch - Lambo 9-11"

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    Anyone done their own Stretch - Lambo 9-11"

    I'm just curious.* Who has done their own chassis stretch? (9 - 11 ")

    I've seen some write-ups on some of the Lambo sites.* I'm just wondering if anyone has done a 9-11" stretch and how the car tracks after completion.* I think if I consider a lambo project I'd lean toward a custom frame. (or at least have the stretch done in a frame jig by a pro. We've got some decent frame / fabrication shops in the area.

    Some of the sites I've seen show these car's sitting in 4x4 wood "jigs" during the stretch which seems to me would possibly* leave a "nice margin of error".* It seems that many of these are work in progress so I'd love to see what the finished result of a "home stretch" is.

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    Re: Anyone done their own Stretch - Lambo 9-11"

    If you have access to a frame jig or even a steel table that you can tack you chassis down to this would be a good idea.
    But it you don't its also still very possible, you don't have the luxury of cutting sliding back and reframing. that easliy..
    But instead would support the front section of the chassis completely level in both directions. support the rear section
    and before cutting you would establish your cut lines, usually 5 inches back from the firewall where it is straight on the chassis rails. I like to tack on 1 inch angle iron a few inches infront of the cut lines and on the rear trunk area. Establishing
    something 100% level before the cuts are made.. this gives you somthing "flat" to set your level on after the chassis has been cut. Some people use a small 8 inch level. this is not correct! you should use a 4 foot level and a section of square tube reaching from one peice of angle to the other. supporting the rear section level... is the key. taking diagonal measurments from all 4 corners before reframing. weither it be 9" - 11" the same applies. I have never had a chassis that was sectioned and not able to track straight. If you know what you're doing before the first cut it done you won't have this problem.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Anyone done their own Stretch - Lambo 9-11"

    check out...

    I build the rear portion to attach to an existing Fiero to stretch the wheelbase
    to whatever length you need - from 3 to 11" ... I can build them longer if you'd
    like... I built a 3" stretch cradle for someone on this board recently who lives in
    PA - if you like to see what's involved


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    Re: Anyone done their own Stretch - Lambo 9-11"

    That was my cradle Dave is refering to. I just picked it up from him this week. I will be able to post pics as soon as my weather cooperates with me. I came back to Erie, PA from Cocoa Beach, Fl with my new cradle and T-top fiero to find five inches of snow and ice on the ground.

    I STRONGLY recommend a cradle from Dave Held to accomplish your chassis stretch. Not only is it simple to just bolt up to existing fiero cradle mounts, which will insure proper alignment versus cutting your chassis to add filler pieces, it has the stretch built right in. No cutting or welding your frame, guessing if it will track correctly or not. On top of that, the shock configuration is unique, displaying a horizontally opposed coil-over design which is effective and almost Ferrari Enzo-like in appearance, and you can have the provisions for several different motor/tranny combos that you need built right in. That way you do not have the need for V8 engine swap kits or other expensive items like that. This cradle has it all.

    I will shortly have pics to follow to show the design and quality of the cradle. I know you will all love it!! I stopped at Dave (funnywheels) home after I picked up my cradle in Florida, I know he has some pics of the complete cradle in my trailer.

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    Re: Anyone done their own Stretch - Lambo 9-11"

    Thanks Guys,

    Comming from a guy who's used custom frames on my track cars, that sound's like the route (if I do a Diablo etc) that I'd like to go.* Even though plenty of people have had good results with their stretch, I like the idea of the custom cradle.* I'll be doing a v8,* and like you mentioned, adapter kit's, engine / tranny adapters etc are fine but a cradle with the provision for multiple applications really appeals to me.* Also, with the V8 Archie kit I used before, I was "hesitant" about going into the 400+hp range with the Fiero.* I was at 340hp in the last one and although performance (engine-wise) was good,* the overall suspension feel, and "high speed" cruising feel I was not quite satisfied with. (Mainly from a suspension standpoint.)

    I'd be interested in those pics if you post.* I'm checking out the website now.* I'm in Bucks County PA.* (You did really get hit in that last storm I'll say.* It missed us but we are getting tons of rain this weekend.

    Previous Builds: AF - 308 Replica w/ V8 & GM F-body Testarossa Replica
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