Hi all.. i did post on another thread but didnt get to much responce so i'm hoping a few more UK owners will see this and respond.
I'm trying to find out if the MR2 based 355 rep is a drivable everyday car.. the reason i ask is because i gather it has to be lowered quite a bit to get 'the right look' .. and so obviously this compromises the ride quality quite a bit.. and scraping it's belly ... but how much.? It also needs to have much wider wheels bolted onto big wide spacers to give it a wider track.. so how does it REALY steer in everyday situations.
I havent talked to any manufacturer yet simply because i want to hear it from actuall owners who drive the car regulalrly on our bumpy un-maintained UK roads... this will be my main car.. not just for show.
I think the excellent Extreme or the BAD rev 2 are what i'm talking about getting, so if any owner can reply.. shed some light .. i'd be big time grateful.
As i have said before to folks.. i dont want to empty my bank acount of £10 to £13k ..and find out that it can only be driven on billiard table smooth roads.!

Looking forward to your feedback ... Simon