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Thread: 355 mirror's mounting?

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    355 mirror's mounting?

    How are you guys mounting your 355 mirrors?? ive having a hard time...
    any pics / suggestion wuld be awsome, thanks,,,,

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    Re: 355 mirror's mounting?

    Mike.. you're using just the one peice replica mirrors right? I remember seeing them on your site... I mounted mine as follows but others may have done them different. I epoxied (2) 1/4 bolts, threaded side out to the base of the mirror. I welded the 2 bolts to a small peice of 18 gauge steel to space them and keep them from twisting. the steel was just big enough to weld to. after the 1/4" studs are epoxied in place. I used the black plastic piece off the Fiero as a templet for building the triangle mounting peice for the new mirror. I used 1/4" plate steel but you can easily use 1/8" and it'll be plenty strong. you'll have to cut the triangle peice long on the bottom "paper templet is a good way of doing it" and then weld the new peice into place. be sure to use a degree gauge to set your mirrors the same on each side. hope this helps.. good luck!

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    Re: 355 mirror's mounting?

    Here is the triangle plate I made that extends down to the Fiero door and is welded in place. The mirror is then bolted to the triangle and opens and closes with the door. This photo is from 1998 when FunnyWheels was a Mirage kit. The bracket has been in place 7 years without fail.

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