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Thread: 308/328 rear grill mesh

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    308/328 rear grill mesh

    I just finished making a decklid grill (pain in the a..) for my 308. And was wondering how I should put some mesh on it first (covering the two big openings under the grill) .Anyone have any pics to give me some ideas? Please post or email .
    thanks, Goob

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    Re: 308/328 rear grill mesh

    One way is to first find the mesh,Internet or at you local steel yard.Form the mesh on the bottom to the contures of the dec lid,the edges should be either epoxeied with some sort of resin,fiber glass combination...hope this helps some///
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    Re: 308/328 rear grill mesh

    Hey Goob.,

    Always nice to see another 308 / 328 guy on the board. Where are you located.??

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