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Thread: Am I doing something wrong

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    Am I doing something wrong

    all I have to do is look at my car and the paint will chip. I was wondering since this is my first kit car is this common? I have painted a lot of cars and none have chipped as easy as this car. I am using PPG base coat Clear coat. Any Ideas? I'm considering the bubble wrap like the guy does in the commercial.

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    Re: Am I doing something wrong

    Mike.. Did you add any flex agent to the paint? If not that may help it be more durable. I haven't had mine painted yet but my painter said to not prime anything on mine without using flex in the paint. He said he was going to add flex to the primer and paint.. I've used PPG and Dupont may times and it worked fine. But it seems Firberglass sure moves around allot.

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    Re: Am I doing something wrong

    Make sure you prime the car with the proper flex additive as well. While primarilly designed for "softer parts" like urethene bumpers, the flex additive does work well on "hard glass / composite panels". Let the "Paint guy" know you ar painting fiberglass / composite etc.

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    Re: Am I doing something wrong

    When Bondo Bob painted FunnyWheels he used a yellow primer that holds the finish coat quite well. As a matter of fact, I have one heck of a time getting the yellow primer offof anything.

    When we painted the windshield surround, we used grey lacquer based primer and it tends to chip a little easier.

    Maybe Bondo Bob can answer the question for you. Send him a PM and see what he says.

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    Re: Am I doing something wrong

    I started with epoxy gray primer and I am using the Yellow etching primer now hopping it will hold better.

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