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Thread: cv joints of ciera, 6000, achieva, etc

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    cv joints of ciera, 6000, achieva, etc

    some of you have switch out to the 5x4.5 spindles and hubs from other GM cars that came in both the 5x100 and 5x4.5. can someone tell me the diameter of the hub portion that goes in the spindle/knuckle. also need to know if the cv joint is compatible with the fiero. if the cv joint is taken apart can I use the fiero transmission side with the other cars wheel side.
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    Re: cv joints of ciera, 6000, achieva, etc

    Hi all,

    While I cannot help you, you should go to every ? regarding the fiero has either been answered there in the forums or someone could answer your ?......
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    Re: cv joints of ciera, 6000, achieva, etc

    I dont know the measurement of the hub portion that mounts onto the knuckle but I do know that the pontiac 6000 and fiero hub splines are NOT compatible. The P6000 has bigger and more splines so you also need to get P6000 knuckles. The knuckles use the same mounting locations and hardware but the hub diameter is also larger.
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    Re: cv joints of ciera, 6000, achieva, etc

    The CV Joints are a different size. I had to make my axles longer so I had a machine shop cut each axle to a "butt fit" length inside a sleeve then cryonically treated to normalize the metals. It has been working fine since 1998.

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