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Thread: lambo/fiero seat measurements

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    lambo/fiero seat measurements

    Hi guys, it finally looks like I'm going to take delivery of my countach project; which needs an interior. The car is still in Arizona, and I am in Mazatlan, Mexico. Hence the problem--- I wish to order some after market seats to replace the 84 Fiero ones. iIam trying to find something slightly lower so my head won't hit the roof. I need dimensions: hieght from floor to seat cushion top surface, width, and front to rear of bottom section. Anyone running with the old seats that could help me? Parts here are scarce, and anything imported is taxed high; so I am trying to order the seats to bring in with the car when I import it. Thanks, Steve

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    Re: lambo/fiero seat measurements

    just a suggestion, these might be nice seats to get, though not countach type
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    Re: lambo/fiero seat measurements

    Take the fiero seats remove the sliders and put on some Mr Mikes Countach like covers.. nice look and gives you a couple more inches.
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