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Thread: Is it possible ?

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    Is it possible ?

    Helo fellas ! I'm think to build a AD355 kit , but i'm live in brazil and here is verry dificult to find a Fiero or a MR2 donor, so i'll build my own chassis, so i wanna put a powerfull engine , these engines are very interesting ( but i dont know if it will fit on the AD355 kit ... so it's possible to put it on the kit ?
    With those engines is possible to reproduce the ferrari sound ?!?


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    Re: Is it possible ?

    With a custom frame you might be able to make them fit, but your problem is going to be with finding a transmission to hold that much power. As for the sound...ummm not going to happen. The sound you are looking for is from the crank. Most V8s have full circle cranks, but race cars tend to have 180 degree cranks. Ask my friend Google about the difference.

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    Re: Is it possible ?

    So what engine can reproduce the ferrari sound ?!?

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    Re: Is it possible ?

    Not many engines can reproduce the Ferrari Sound. The Older 308 seems to be one of the most recognizable sounds along with the 355. The 4 chain driven cams, 4 valves per cylinder (in the Quattrovalve) really does make for a great and unique sound on the 308, although they are a bit noisy on the "top end". Quite a bit of valve noise in those engines.

    I would imagine other engines with twin cams / multiple cams, 4 valves per cylinder, similar firing order and design etc would be "closer" sounding, but the Ferrari sound is in a class all by itself.

    That being said, I've heard a few 3800SC's that sounded pretty darn good. (I'll stick with my current V8 swap...)

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    Re: Is it possible ?

    So where can i found a 355 engine ?? A Porsche engine can reproduce the ferrari sound or closer ?

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    Re: Is it possible ?

    I once, well still want this sound as you do. It is the only thing keeping me from doing a ferrari kit.
    Everything you want to know on how to make this sound and tips and what not are in this thread.
    Your best bet is to forget about it unless you have a crap load of money.
    If you do have some cash to spend tho, I would go with a bike engine twin turboed.
    There is a guy who does suzuki hayabusa engine swaps in vehicals and turboed getting 450 hp+
    or if you have even more money, you can put two of em in and that would be amazing.
    Now why try and replicate a ferrari sound at 8500 rpm when you can put one or TWO bike engines
    in reving at what 18 000 rpm lol now that would sound crazy!!! ;D

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