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Thread: Who's building a Countach on a Fiero chassis that has a site?

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    Who's building a Countach on a Fiero chassis that has a site?

    Hey gang!, Glad to be here.. and FIRST POST

    I'm looking for someone building a Lamborghini Countach over a Fiero or has one done already that could handle a few hundred emailed questions in the future about the car and take some measurements "here and there" as I build mine too.. (rustoring body and suspension now and DONE soon)

    Of course I'll be building one but fabricating the body in STEEL.. ;D

    Anyone have a replica in the NH area that I could look at?, Take pics?, Measure a few things?

    Only seen about 2, A red one and a black one.. thing is you have no idea where they dissapear to!!

    A website with MANY pictures is a plus!


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    Re: Who's building a Countach on a Fiero chassis that has a site?

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    Re: Who's building a Countach on a Fiero chassis that has a site?

    Yep found yours Kstix, But pages on the left dont link correctly and dont show up at all?

    This is my "beginning", Stipped the Fiero in less than a month

    I actually have the first 5 formers that go from the back to the rear window all cut-out in plywood in the rafters of my garage

    What I really need is the rocker support measurements.. etc..

    Did you have any kind of build sheet to go from so you could get started before the body arrived?


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    Re: Who's building a Countach on a Fiero chassis that has a site?

    I'll have to check my site. I didn't know there was anything wrong with it. Yes I did have a sheet to go by of what needed to be done but I didn't think it was very good. So then I did my own thing.

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    Re: Who's building a Countach on a Fiero chassis that has a site?

    Gotcha.. well anything is better than nothing.. So if theres a way you could copy or scan and email it you have no idea how grateful I would be...* ;D

    Just bought 2 more Fiero's..* Silver 1986-SE auto and 88-Formula 5-speed getrag L6 suspension

    $1,000 for both.., Formula has electrical problems.. wont start.. se has bad brakes and nose was punched a little..

    Home in a day or two !

    This makes THREE for me... Whoot !

    1986 se - Isuzu 5-speed Iron Duke 4-banger - SILVER
    1986 se - Automatic V6 - SILVER
    1988 Formula Getrag L6 5-speed.. RED


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    Re: Who's building a Countach on a Fiero chassis that has a site?


    I really like your web page, just a little confused on what your going to do with your car. Are are you making it a front engine, rear drive with the Camaro subframe? Are you going to make a body for it? Do you have planes for that compresor? Thanks!

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    Re: Who's building a Countach on a Fiero chassis that has a site?

    Dunno not there yet.., Got all kinds of ideas, But of its been done already whats the point right??

    All in due time I guess.. First is to get the new ones home and get this one back on the ground and extended the 5"

    Yes the 5" is also the stretch for a Lambo body.. and yeah I like the car too, But I wouldnt make it in fiberglass when I have a $1700 welder here just DYING to get at the body..,

    What I like is the "Spyder" idea.. roll-bar, topless.. all that.., Maybe even in Countach "shape" who knows..

    But I also like the Ferarri 308, Testarossa and a few others like Pantera and GT40

    Could be a MIX if all those and the fiero.. who knows.. not me!

    Plans for the compressor?, Its just a 60-gallon tank I found at the junkyard with a cast iron head on it.. very simple..

    What you NEED is a sandblaster design that doesnt clog EVER..

    Been sellin that on E* for about 2 years now..

    You can see that it restored the rusted to death rear tin of the fiero (well at least the parts that remain)

    Stop looking at rotted rear clips as JUNK, It's the cabin you want and most of the frame is removed anyway in the kits.. IF you do it right and make supports to replace what was removed you can have more of a trunk and still retain the stock body or no trunk and more engine area..

    Here is a few design thought.. all they are is just that "thoughts" so dont FREAK.... hahaha


    4.3 V6 mounted in rear with pulleys pointing backwards, T5 stick from 80s Camaro pointing forward driving a narrow Jeep front axle (FWD), Linkage all made to work in reverse.., But work normally at the shifter.. 1-2-3-4-5-R

    IE: the worlds first FWD V6 Fiero as the rearend would be just a Chrysler rear carrier (same bolt pattern) or just the original struts holding no axles out back..., Open the rear deck and a wide-open V6 that is easily reached.. (no trunk), Heck you could even go 350 or 400sb Chevy.., Adapting the front suspension cant be that hard.., Air ride?, Coil-overs?

    4.3 V6 up front with T5 stick driving 4.11 pumpkin adapted to stock axles and rear struts in IRS format.. The V6 is great fit too! (just measured one)

    4.9 Caddy bolted to Isuzu.. (everyone does it or wants to), Yeah me too.. Funds dont allow that one..

    3800sc: Beautiful engine.. and a great project.. But everyone does it because its a great fit like the caddy and WORKS!

    Finding one around here is another story..

    I think its because I work at a Junkyard that all these cars being crushed thd thier internal parts are constantly in my head..

    Nobody ever just takes the cabin area and goes from scratch here?

    Whoot!, All in a days.. FIERO..


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    Re: Who's building a Countach on a Fiero chassis that has a site?

    I am almost finished with my Countach, but don't know how much help I can provide.* I went for power, strength and reliability with mine with the 350 SBC and 4-speed Auto Transaxle with Eldorado rear axles, hubs, brakes and uneven rear control arms with coilover.* I am running the large 345-15's in the rear on 12" alloys, replaced the steering column with an aftermarket tilt wheel.*

    I re-wired the entire car, with only the climate controls and wiring being somewhat original.* I have three radiators, with the Air Cond coils remaining in the front.* I reinforced the body by fiberglassing tube steel along the roof seams and rear sections, and added fiberglass to softer flat spots in the body.* I built my own door catches that allow the door to close about with about 1" separation from the body and then guide itself into the jams, to stop the door from contacting the body and* chipping the paint.* I am using a full gage package with a 200 MPH speedo, built in 7" monitor with a side and rear mounted camera.*

    Note:* The mechanical parts now seem the easiest.* I had all that set up and completed in the first four months.* I am now 16 months into this, and it's the LITTLE things that take so much time.*

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