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Thread: Is this really OEM??

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    Is this really OEM??

    Is this really OEM Ferrari?? The only 355s I've seen with this are kits, or add-ons. Most 355s I've seen do not have this. Can't you buy this stuff from your local autoparts store.......called pen striping?? ;D :-\

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    Re: Is this really OEM??

    Hi all,

    Yes this item is on all oem 355's if you look close enough....No, this item is not official ferrari merchendise.....
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    Re: Is this really OEM??

    Advance Auto Parts, $4.98, Matt Black finish. Enough to do 2 cars since it only takes about 12 feet of a 30 foot roll.

    It is used to cover the bolts that attach the upper and lower door and fender and dog leg components on a real 355
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