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Thread: Wheel/Tire/Hub selection for scratchbuilt

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    Wheel/Tire/Hub selection for scratchbuilt

    I am building a lightweight street legal sports car (including frame and body). It will be a 1600 lb 2 seater RWD speedster with full independant suspension and discs all around.

    To start I want to select tires, wheels and hubs. I am looking for suggestions for common tires, wheels and hubs that would be lightweight, good performance, readily available and "relatively" inexpensive.

    Looking at the SCCA Spec Ford racer (which is 1600lbs) it uses:

    13 inches x 5.5 inches
    13 inches x 7 inches

    185/60-13 for the front
    205/60-13 for the rear

    The hubs have 9" rotors.

    Since the car will look similar to the Opel Eco Speedster, their wheels are:
    175/55 R 17

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. - thanks


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    Re: Wheel/Tire/Hub selection for scratchbuilt

    I bought 4 rims on Ebay that fit the Fiero pattern then hunted all around for tires that were a little more "off the rim" than these 35mm rim hugger expensive things they sell.. - All 4 rims were 15" x 6-1/2" wide

    Rear tires are 225-60-15"
    Fronts are 195-60-15" (30mm narrower)

    Not much of a size difference but they look great

    Pics are on my site..

    Oh and IF your going scratch-built PLEASE build the rolling chassis then the body over it.., Be it steel, plywood, foam.. whatever..

    Going the other way only leads to problems.. as in "Oops the decks too low and hitting the engine and the windshieds way off??? WTF!!!..."

    ROLLING as in the wheels and tires you are going to use on it too!

    Read the bottom of my main page and check on the car some guy designed, built over a buck then realized it was too wide.. and gave it all away... Doh!


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    Yeah, no doubt if I go 15" I will have a lot of tires to select from.

    As for the buck, I am doing the same way race cars are built:

    1. tires
    2. wheels
    3. hubs
    4. suspension
    5. steering
    6. frame
    7. body

    Although I have some body designs in mind, I want a good handling car first, then a cool looking car second. Fo course the whole thing will be designed, then re-designed as I get later in the process.


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    I spoke with a few racers and they suggested using Honda CRX or Acura hubs and wheels, as they are often used in racing, so lots of high performance parts available for moderate prices.

    Thoughts on using this combination?


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