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Thread: MURCIELAGO door locks

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    MURCIELAGO door locks

    any one no of a cheep door hinge and locks for a murci-diablo to save us looking for some THANKS!

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    Re: MURCIELAGO door locks

    Does this mean the start of a new project for the future?


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    Re: MURCIELAGO door locks

    i have a good offer on a murci but would just like to know that bits and bobs are not to hard for us to get before we do anything.the only problem is that it is GREEN! yuck i will fined it hard to get rid of a GREEN!one when i have finished with it

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    Re: MURCIELAGO door locks

    can't you go to parellel designs or hand crafted cars, they all have diablo bits etc , or there is they jap after market shops ,they have scissor door kits,. as for a merci, cant a modifided diablo work or have you a doner car so it can be panel off panel on kit?. i know there was a triangle g merci kit here in the uk(oxford, monkeylargo on a jag doner) which was sold on ebay a while back,
    i like the green merci, if you don't like it i will have it! ;D or you could always spray it

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