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Thread: hood hinges

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    hood hinges

    whatever idiot did my kit laminated the two hood pieces together with no steel. what would be the best way to attach the hinges in this case?
    What was I thinking??!!  I could have a VR4 Spyder for this kind of money.

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    Re: hood hinges

    I would eather fiberglass two metal plates down, then you can grind certain areas and weld hinges on, or just fiberglass steel plate with 2 bolts on each plate to the nose of you hood then you can adjust and bolt on the hinges???
    i dont know if that made any sense???

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    Re: hood hinges

    Drill and tap 3/8" threads into a piece of flat bar at least 1/4" thick. Cut off the flat bar to the size you want, predrill the fiberglass where you want the holes. Cut of thin slot and slide the flat bar in. Locate the holes with threaded rod and bolt your hinge or another piece of steel to the threaded rods. Pack the hole with bondo-glass or short strand fiberglass, sand smooth and you are done.

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