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Thread: New Builder Needs help!

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    New Builder Needs help!

    I am currently in the process of building a MG-TF with a Maza MX5/Miata drivetrain. The kit car requires no speed sensor, however the ECU and TCU require input to know when to cut off fuel and to shift properly. If anyone has had experience with this I would appreciate any input you may have. Thank you very much.

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    Re: New Builder Needs help!

    What have you changed that you don't have a speed sensor to connect to the ECU?
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    Re: New Builder Needs help!

    If you pick up a 2 wire magnetic pick up sensor it will send a signal everytime a piece of steel passes by it. If you put a hose clamp (s) on the drive axle and mount the pick up close to it it will generate the signal the computer needs to see. You can do the same thing with an ABS sensor but the signal is far to frequent and the computer will think you are doing 200 MPH when you are gong 40 MPH. If you grind off every second tab on the exciter ring it may give you a signal that you can use.


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