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Thread: Found an axle builder !!!

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    Found an axle builder !!!

    When getting rid of my Fiero Hubs and Axles, I was using the Eldorado axles which required a 2" spacer on one side, and an axle that was a little too long on the other.* I found a company that will mix and match bare OEM axle parts to get me any size I want !!!* The axles are going to cost me a little over $300, and will come ready to install without spacers and the proper inner and outer joints for my hubs and transmission.* They will also build custom Axles.* The company is CVJ Axles, Inc in Denver, CO.*

    I have also come accross OEM Axle Data on the Net which provides CVJ axle sizes and axle parts.* The company is Rockford and you can look up ROCKFORDVC for this site.* It provides bare axle sizes and spline count for both the inner and outer, Tripod, Tulip, Ball, bearing, Outer Joint, etc.

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    Re: Found an axle builder !!!

    Awesome! I don't even want to count the $$ I spent just trying to get a Pass. side axle made for my 3800 swap. Trial and error ended up costing waaay more than I would have liked, even using junkyard parts. Finally took it to an (overpriced in my opinion!) shop that basically assembled all the parts I gave them. $300 is a bargain for new, correct sized axles! I had contacted Moser on reccomendation of someone who had used them for a swap, but they said they don't do FWD style axles. (But did for that guy!) Anyway, I'm adding them to my bookmarks for when I blow apart my junkyard parts axle.

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    Re: Found an axle builder !!!

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: Found an axle builder !!!

    For us Canadians the place to go is Axle Systems Inc. out in Sudbury, Ontario.

    I can get a custom set of axles built that will withstand 400 hp with GM ends as stock for $400.00. These are his Stage I axles. Really good price on to what I have seen up here from other places I called.

    This guy builds axles for the drag cars of all shapes and sizes so he seems to know what he is up to.... He said he has one customer putting out over 1000 hp out of a Honda that he built the axles for so some serious power being built on these axles. He says to check out the videos, I guess that car is in one of them.


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