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Thread: Poor Airflow from PISA EuroDash

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    Poor Airflow from PISA EuroDash

    I have the PISA Euro Dash in my kitcar based on a 1985 fiero SE. The dash is the ferrari 308 style, NOT the F355 style. The dash mounts over the stock fiero air box and a small adapter fits between them to direct air from the fiero air box into the dash. The air then comes out from (3) round louvered center top vents, (2) small vents on the driver and passenger front of the dash and two banana-shaped defroster vents near the windshield on the driver and passenger top of the dash.

    The airflow from the fiero airbox seems plentiful. BUT the air is about 30% flow coming out of the vents. I've been trying to figure out how to get more airflow out of the vents without success. Nothing is blocked and the fan motor is new. I believe the problem is the plenum built into the dash but (?).

    Has anyone with the EuroDash had and solved this problem ? THANKS

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    Re: Poor Airflow from PISA EuroDash

    Check for any restrictions, poor alignment or any large gaps between duct & airbox which may cause loss of air preasure. Low density foam works well for sealing. Perhaps airflow is only going one way which will require restrictors or baffles to redirect flow. Poor airduct design could also cause airflow to bounce back or ricochet
    back into the airbox.

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