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Thread: Fiero Air Filter

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    Fiero Air Filter

    Alright so I discovered that the stock location for the fiero air filter does not work as I would not be able to change the filter without have to disconnect everything so I replaced it with a K&N air filter but have since got this whistling noise that I have got to get rid of. Completely distroys the nice exhaust sound! Does this happen with every aftermarket K&N filter set up or did I just get a bad set up for the fiero? Please Help

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    Re: Fiero Air Filter

    you're possitive its coming from the air cleaner setup? If you start from the end of the air filter disconect each peice until you can locate the exact part that is spinning the air to make the whistle. if there are no leaks i would build a air splitter inside the new air tube to break up the turbulance that is creating the noise. crazy deal... good luck
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    Re: Fiero Air Filter

    My Mustang does that. I punched out the throttle body and the mass air. Now I get so much air across that butterfly in the throttle body that it whistles at some points of the throttle. But it's not bad. How far away is the filter from the throttle body or carb. You might move the filter farther away and maybe add a slight bend in it between them.

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    Re: Fiero Air Filter

    My cobra has a K&N in the fender well and it makes a loud sucking sound when you rev it up. It is even louder than my side exhaust with full length headers and no cats. I think that is just the nature of the beast with K&N's.

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    Re: Fiero Air Filter

    Try reloketing your air intake to your left door scoop.Not only it will stop the noise,but you will get some good use out of that scoop. (nice clean fresh air)

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