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Thread: more cost chassis or buy fiero?

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    more cost chassis or buy fiero?

    hello all

    Im new to kit cars...sort of...ever since i was 8 years old I told my best freind that if i couldnt buy a lamborghini (countach at the time) that i would order the parts and build it myself (after all its the labor to assemble the car that costs so much right?! )

    So now im 30 and ive built a few engines and restored some cars (currently i have a 74 lotus thats undergoing a frame off restoration) and as my project draws closer to an end im looking for next big money pit...i mean project.

    So my question is : which would be the most efficient way to prepare the chassis , to purchase a Fiero and modify the frame for a Diablo project (with bmw) or to build a replica chassis with plans from NAERC?

    the fiero appraoched seems like more trouble than its worth but cost is a factor

    thanx for any info

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    Re: more cost chassis or buy fiero?

    I would talk to Jim Dinner, jdinner here on the board, as he and his partner just finished a build of the NAERC frame and Diablo on it.

    He could give you very detailed ins and outs of what it takes to do one.

    You are also right about the Fiero. I have a buddy here in Calgary that is just finishing a Diablo and there is not much left of the Fiero frame and what is, he had to work around to get everything to work. I think, if you have the ability to do it, to build the frame.

    Good Luck
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