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Thread: Center Lock Wheels?

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    Center Lock Wheels?

    Anyone know where I can get center lock wheels in a 17x7.5?


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    Re: Center Lock Wheels?

    Center lock wheels.. like F1 wheels?
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    Re: Center Lock Wheels?

    Yes, racing wheels - centre lock. Here are some places I have found so far:

    OZ Racing wheels - custom made, min quantity 12 about $250 each

    BBS - custom made about $1200 each

    Kodiak Wheels - custom made, about $500 each


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    Re: Center Lock Wheels?

    Try eBay; most of them are about $1,200 each wheel including the brands you mentioned. Used might be the bast way to go. The you need the hubs etc. It is going to cost a bundle for you either way.

    What are you building?
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    Re: Center Lock Wheels?

    Here is a link for some hubs. I had been looking for some for the porsche project.
    Anyone know who else makes these? I know they made some for some gt40 replicas.

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