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Thread: questions about AD355 coupe

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    questions about AD355 coupe

    I wanted to know why you see so fewof the AD kits completed? I talked to John on the phone a few months back and he claimed the 355 coupe stock wheel base, stock windshield could be completed in matter of weeks. He stated that if I had the fiero panels off that everything could be fitted and mounted within a good days work and then all would need to be done is wiring fit lights, side and back glass. Honestly making it sounds as if going with the coupe you could have it from start to finish in a couple weekends, I know alot depends on skill level but he said someone with average skill. I would really love a 355 kit and plan on visiting johns shop ( being it is only app 2 hours away) I just dont want to get into something like I have years ago. Had a Fiberfab avenger with custom chassis , I ended up selling it because 10 years later probably still would not be completed and now it sits in a field .
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    Re: questions about AD355 coupe

    as many will tell you, you will never really be done with it, always something new to add or change

    however, it is very much possible to mount on a body that requires no stretch in a weekend. it will probably take more like 2 weekends to make sure all gaps are fine and that nothing is wobbly. But after that point, it's all up in the air depending on your skills, experience in electrical work, body work, paint, interior, etc..
    it also depends on what you want in the end. you can get a 355 done withing 3 weeks if you don't play with fancy wheels, leave the interior stock, dont play with gauges, dont touch the motor, and also dont play with the exhaust.

    but when you think about it, wheres then fun when you finish in 3 weeks ;D
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    Re: questions about AD355 coupe

    I have installed a body kit over a weekend on a stock wheelbase Fiero, coupe version. John designed the basic kit to be installed with a minimum of effort. I however chose not to take John's advise and built a spider. It took 2 long years but I can tell you it was worth the effort. You decide.

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