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    I have a set of 15" Weld rims that I would like to put on my 1986 pontiac fiero\countach
    that has 13" rims.
    What do I need to do to put on the 15" bolt pattern rims.
    Thank You

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    Re: RIMS

    The 15" is NOT a bolt is the wheel diameter....the bolt pattern should be something like 5x100 for Fiero cars

    What is the bolt pattern of your new Weld wheels?? If it is the same bolt pattern as your 13" wheels then you don't need any adapters...however if they are a different bolt pattern you'll have some kind of wheel adapter..

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    Re: RIMS

    I have a source for custom made wheel adapters if you need them. A lot of the builders on this site have enjoyed great results from my source. He is a custom wheel manufacturer here in the Tampa Bay area. Wholesale to the trade only kind of thing. He does us a favor every now and then.

    Just need to know the new bolt pattern and the thickness you need to properly place your wheel and tires in the fender well.

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