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Thread: Could this fit in an MR2 or Fiero with EXTREME/AD kit?

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    Could this fit in an MR2 or Fiero with EXTREME/AD kit?

    I ask because of the sound it can create:

    That M3 has a very unique sound to it (almost like an F1 car, which Ferrari's tend to resemble). I was wondering if I could drop in a used E46 engine from an M3 into an MR2 or Fiero (with Extreme or AD355 kit depending) and create that sound. Would the engine fit?

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    Re: Could this fit in an MR2 or Fiero with EXTREME/AD kit?

    the engine would probably fit but the transmission would not work since it's rear wheel drive. you would need to get a transaxle that would fit in the car and get a $600 adapter plate, as well as eletrical work since BMWs (especially new ones) are very wired. if i was you, i would not waste time looking at engine swaps (at least not seriously) until you get going on a fiero build. count on about $7000 total for an engine swap for a v8 or a modern engine, less for something like a 3800 series engine from 10 years ago.
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    Re: Could this fit in an MR2 or Fiero with EXTREME/AD kit?


    Another thing is that I cannot firmly decide between the AD and EXTREME. Now that EXTREME is shipping for free, I really have started to consider. Plus, I prefer the MR2 to the Fiero for obvious reasons.

    I've been trying to compare the EXTREME car pictures to the real thing, but can never find the right angle etc. Is there anyone that can tell me how each car compares to the real thing in a short few sentences, such as "the front looks almost perfect but the rear looks off to the sides" or something detailed like that?

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    Re: Could this fit in an MR2 or Fiero with EXTREME/AD kit?

    you must first make up your mind on the donor ,the the MR2 has a very reliable engine out back by toyota then their is the chassis shape the new body has to follow that chassis design ,now the Fiero is a great CHEAP platform that would take several weekend projects for bigger brakes ,engine swap ,rebuild the suspension with urathane bushings ,but you could drive the stock v-6 untill you do the weekend projects on a good $2000.00 Fiero ,both kits are the best the REPLICA market have to offer an both are very completable ,i had a ifg several years ago an all the flanges had to be made to fit to the chassis, then engineer things to keep the body in place, both of these kits fit right to the chassis an you mount them an leave room for fitting the gaps which is very important , go look at how bondo bob fitted funnywheels 3 AN his Mirage body to get all the gaps lined up perfect ,this is what make a car pass for real an high quality an both of those bodies will pass for real in both countries the U S & the U K ,so my answer is both guys will make sure you get high quality parts ,an this leave time for fitting an not 350 hours of body work ask Bondo bob ,body quality is very important ,an EXTREME will agree with this too. YOUR CHASSIS BUDGET WILL BE THE ULTIMATE DESCISION ,AN I ALWAYS SAY IF THE FRONT CLIP PASS FOR REAL IT FOOL 80% OF THE PEOPLE AN BOTH BODIES ARE EXCELLENT ;D
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