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Thread: question about engine?

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    question about engine?

    I have a 328 kit that I put the v-8 in, was one of the early ones to experiemen with archie. Great guy, great service. I never could really get the car to not over heat. And the car has been sittin for a few yrs now and my son wants to have it and dislikes the idea of puttin the v-6 back into cause he remembers when it ran how fast it was. So I was throwing a question out there about what I should do. Sell the car, put the v-6 back in it. Or Archie if you are out there, if there is a way that I can get a 4 core rad and a water pump from you without having to buy the whole kit again. I just don't know what to do, I don't want the car to sit anymore. I really enjoyed it when it ran and would love to drive it but with the over heating problem with the v-8 I would just be wasting money all over again adn then the car woudl be sittin again. Any ideas.... Thanks

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    Re: question about engine?

    I would suggest going to Pennock's and asking the same question as Archie frequents that site regularly as well as using the search function will also find you almost too much info on how to put a v8 in and fix any problems you are having.

    If you don't want to keep the V8, you can also fairly easily put in a 3800 or 3800 Super charged as well as a 3.4 TDC (DOHC) or a 3.4 pushrod that all give great power increases for you.

    MY advice though for the most info is to go to Pennock's and do a search as you will find a lot of info on there.


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