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Thread: I Need Expert Opinion

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    I Need Expert Opinion

    Hello All,

    I thinking to start my own F355 Spider project, but I have the following questions in mind:

    1. How hard is it for someone with beginner body-work knowledge to work on such a thing?
    2. How long does it take to complete such a project?
    3. And on average how much such a project cost?

    Or do you guys think that I should be better off buying a Turn-Key F355?

    Here is a little bit about myself, I am a computer engineer and very fast learner.

    Best regards,
    Colorado Springs

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    Re: I Need Expert Opinion

    Please check your Email ..

    * I've been building my custom car for 4 years now.. it is in the finishing stages and is def one of a kind.

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    Re: I Need Expert Opinion

    You might be better off buying someone's unfinished project or a complete kitcar off Ebay or . They usually sell for a lot less than they cost someone to build. If you've got a good set of tools and lot's of time patience and around $20K to spend then you could consider doing it all yourself. Realistically plan on taking two years to complete it working on it part time.
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    Re: I Need Expert Opinion

    all of the above is true ,but make yourself a PLAN first , getting the kit an your budget TOGETHER for that ,a AD KIT with a stock wheelbase an stock windsheild could be mounted in a couple months by a beginner ,find a great donor ( meaning pay a little more for a machanically sound car ) now on the other hand if you go the cheap route ( IFG CLONE ) YOU WILL have to take a cheaper kit an build it, this is what a old body man told me TAKE WHAT YOU HAVE AN DO THE BEST YOU CAN WITH IT , & HAVE PRIDE IN THE FACT THAT YOU FINISHED IT !!!!!!

    either way we are all here to help you ,about 90% of us ,there are some here just for critisizing look over them ,because building knowledge is just a question away
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    Re: I Need Expert Opinion

    Thanks guys for the excellent opinions.

    How about the difference between a stretch & non-stretch kits? Is there a big difference?


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    Re: I Need Expert Opinion

    Do a non-stretch.* I have done both and the non-stretch is very easy and less money in the long run.* If I had it to do over again on my latest car (FunnyWheels III) I would not let my check book get hold of my ego again.*

    John Watson makes a very nice kit to fit a stock wheelbase Fiero.* Save yourself some pain and do it the way 90% of us should.* Stock Fiero with a custom (stock wheelbase) 355 kit from John Watson.* His number is 706-328-3311.* Tell him you saw it here first.* He is an honest guy to deal with too!


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    Re: I Need Expert Opinion

    I agree, I put the 355 info back up on my site for Johns 355's includeing the phots he sent me. Plus Dcox' photos too.

    John is THE man for 355's
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    Re: I Need Expert Opinion

    I'm basically in the same boat I think.... I really want one, but my experience working on cars at most has been replacing belts, changing out brakes, and your standard maintenance work under the hood and around the car.

    When I was younger I actually had quite a bit more knowledge when it came to auto mechanics as I helped out my best friend and his father change out an engine and do some body work on a '49 Nash 4 door with suicide doors. But that was quite a while ago and I'm digressing, hehe....

    The point is that I'm definately not comfortable with the skillset I have now being anywhere near enough to do the kind of work it will take to get one of these done the way I want it.

    The other side of the coin though is I don't think I can afford to have someone else do all the work I would want on the car and it not cost as much as a real one (not counting maintenance of course, hehe)!!!

    Oh and Funnywheels if you're ever over in Orlando I'd love to see your ride!!! Hehehe, then again it would probably make me want to have one of these even more.......
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