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Thread: Power Mirror switch wiring

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    Power Mirror switch wiring

    Hey guys! I am hoping someone on here has experience with this. I just picked up an OEM Diablo 6.0 power window control swtich and the aluminum surround trim plate. Now I need to figure out the wiring on both the Fiero switch and then the Diablo switch.

    The Fiero switch should be easy enough to figure out but not sure how to go about figuring the wiring schematics on the real switch..... don't want to guess and short out the overpriced electronics Appreciate any help, even a fiero power window wiring diagram would save me a little time too.

    Thanks! You can reach me by email or just post here any info as it may help others down the road.


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    Re: Power Mirror switch wiring

    There shouldn't be any type of elecctronics to burn out in the Diablo switches. You could find a wiring diagram pretty easily if you did a quick google search. Try

    Tim P

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    Re: Power Mirror switch wiring

    Thanks Tim,
    Didn't see anything on that site for the mirror control switch and I tried Yahoo and Google with no luck. Appreciate the help though!

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    Re: Power Mirror switch wiring

    Dan, I sent you an email with a scan of the power mirror schematic from one of my manuals

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