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Thread: Bonding on panels

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    Bonding on panels

    Information please have worked on and restored many cars over the years but new to kit (replica's) game and would like some information on the best bonding agents to used to fix (glue) the panels on and any tips members may think will be of help

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    Re: Bonding on panels

    Use duraglass, kitty hair, or any short straind fiber glass fller works well. 3m also makes an adhesive that's made strictly for bonding doors skins and such.


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    Re: Bonding on panels

    I us Dynaglass , kittyhair , an evercoat vett panel adhesive for filling an bonding all of these have little or no srinkage an very durable ;D
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    Re: Bonding on panels

    The latest Kit Car Builder has an article on this subject.

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    Re: Bonding on panels

    Search out structural adhesives at the 3M website.
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