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Thread: Corson Motorcar Registry

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    Corson Motorcar Registry

    I'm starting a Corson Motorcar registry. I believe there are less than 100 (More like 88) in existence.
    If you have a Fiero-based Corson, please send me the following information (to be shared among all who register.)

    Name, City, State, Corson model (Spyder/Coupe,) Corson S/N, how you obtained the car (Thru Corson or someone, else,) year /model Fiero used in rebody and any changes made, such as, engine mods or swaps, suspension, etc. A photo would be great. Thanks.

    Rick Beem
    435 Raford Wilson Rd
    Commerce, GA 30529

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    Re: Corson Motorcar Registry

    New e-mail address:

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