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Thread: Front Coil Over Spring rate

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    Front Coil Over Spring rate


    Further to the spring information you provided can you give me a part number & supplier info for the front coil over springs you selected to use. Or the spring rate on your front coil overs. Did you select a spring with more or less spring rate than the original Fiero ??



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    Re: Front Coil Over Spring rate

    OK on my V8 I used first 400lbs spring rate but it was too hard. so on Fiero V6 3.8 they used 325lbs so I went with 350 and it was good. It is Apex springs mod on Fiero struts it can be adjustable +/- 2" or so, cost $750 Can. from Racetech in Toronto. front is stock m4 springs but bell tech spindels 2" drop. Front u can get from Shelby Custom front coil over kit check his web. I will make my own brackets and buy coil overs separate this winter.

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    Re: Front Coil Over Spring rate

    355 Front Slalom Suspension Guidelines for my car are as follows:

    Slalom Suspension from Held Motor Sports, 5 / 108mm Bolt Circle, Spring Rate 275#, 4 Wider Track (2 each side), Coil Over Shocks, Front Sway Bar 1.125 Diameter, All Parts Powder Coated, Wilwood 12 Front Brake Kit, Larger GM Master Cylinder, Pressure Balance Valve, Stainless Braided Lines. Rear Slalom Suspension Guidelines: 5 / 4.75 Bolt Circle, Spring Rate 325#

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    Re: Front Coil Over Spring rate

    For Fiero based cars try this site.
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    Re: Front Coil Over Spring rate

    After driving FunnyWheels I have upped the spring rate in the rear to 350#.

    It slides around the corners like it is on rails. I am still playing with the front. I have 325# up front at the moment and it is working well.

    I had to use the bigger rear springs after changing to the Anti Bump Steering from Lee Waldmiller. That new suspension is fantastic!


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    Re: Front Coil Over Spring rate

    I saved this info about a year ago,hope it helps:
    -10048402 FPJ (highest / tallest)
    -10048401 FPH |
    -10068654 ARD |
    -10068653 ARC |
    -10068652 ARB (lowest / shortest)
    All of them are the same rate... roughly 205 lbs.
    the non stock rear springs we have used are 250-275 lb springs. For all the V-8 weighted cars, we have used 350 lb. springs.We originally tried the LT-1 powered car with 275 lb. springs and the car would squat very badly under hard acceleration, and bottom out the suspension on hard bumps. With the 350 lb springs, both the LT-1 and 383 stroker powered cars both accelerated without squat, never bottomed out, and were not too harsh on the ride.
    Rear stock would be 250-275 on the rear (stock Fiero) and about 25 less on the front
    Springs-General Information
    1985-87 Fieros use the same springs. 1984's use some of the same rear springs (all but one) as the 85-87's but different front springs. 1988's use entirely different springs.
    1984 10029092 NWY (Stiffest)
    10029091 NWX |
    10029090 NWW (Softest)
    1985-87 10030180 NXD 10034976 NYM (Stiffest)
    10029092 NWY 10034975 NYL |
    10029091 NWX 10034974 NYK |
    10029090 NWW 10034973 NYJ (Softest)
    1988 ALL CODE
    10053695 PUD (Stiffest)
    10053694 PUC |
    10053693 PUB |
    10053692 PUA (Softest)
    1984 10029670 DMF 10029675 DMN (Stiffest)
    10029669 DMD 10029674 DMM |
    10029668 DMC 10029673 DMK |
    10029667 DMB 10029672 DMJ |
    10029666 DMA 10029671 DMH (Softest)

    1985-87 10034097 FJA 10034102 FJH (Stiffest)
    10034096 FHZ 10034101 FJF |
    10034095 FHY 10034100 FJD |
    10034094 FHX 10034099 FJC |
    10034093 FHW 10034098 FJB (Softest)
    1988 ALL CODE
    10048402 FPJ (Stiffest)
    10048401 FPH |
    10068654 ARD |
    10068653 ARC |
    10068652 ARB (Softest)
    The codes can be found on a paper tag on the spring or on the Service Parts Identification Label on the left front inner fender. The spring codes for my 85 GT from the label are; 6JH, 7JH, 8YM and 9YM (JH = FJH, YM = NYM)
    6 code = left front spring code
    7 code = right front spring code
    8 code = left rear spring code
    9 code = right rear spring code

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