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Thread: BMW V12 in a GTO Replica

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    BMW V12 in a GTO Replica

    check out these gals car, they have a BMW V12 in a GTO Replica, Nicest I have ever seen and looks like BIG BUCKs!!!

    they used an aftermarket computer

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    Re: BMW V12 in a GTO Replica

    Well what do you fellows think? Its obviously not impossible, makes me look at all those old BMW's for sale out there

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    Re: BMW V12 in a GTO Replica

    Yep it is very doable,I am not sur of what you are working on but a lot of the Diablo builders are doinig Bmw motor set ups.
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    Re: BMW V12 in a GTO Replica

    can someone upload the photos? i cant get it to them

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    Re: BMW V12 in a GTO Replica

    i've only heard for 3 or 4 successful diablos with these engines. building up that Ultima was VERY VERY expensive, even when the owners love to say the engine was $500. an adapter plate will be more than that on its own, and you do need to use one. so right off the bat with no tranny or anything, $1200 or so. :-\
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    Re: BMW V12 in a GTO Replica

    Definately not for the Frugal!!!

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