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Thread: Stainless steel brake lines

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    Stainless steel brake lines

    Hi everyone!

    I'm thinking about replacing my stock '85 Fiero GT rubber brake hoses with stainless steel. I'm just fishing for the pros & cons. Also, which companies have the best product? I know this is probably elementary, but I thought I'd request support before spending a dime. I figure who better to ask than fellow enthusiasts? Thanks for any advice and personal testamonies.

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    Re: Stainless steel brake lines

    I have used them for years without any problems. You can get them from a couple of places. A1 and Held Motor Sports both resell them as well as places like Jeg's and Summet Racing.

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    Re: Stainless steel brake lines

    I've used the Fiero Store for them in the past. good quality parts. SS is much better than Rubber but if you're running Stock brakes you won't notice much of a difference. Also a quick note SS brake line tend to be a easy ground for the chassis. So if you have any welding to do on your chassis wait until you're all done before putting them on.
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    Re: Stainless steel brake lines

    I use them as well, I got mine from Held and The Fiero Store. Take care, Bill

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    Re: Stainless steel brake lines

    I also have them on my cars. I read that because they don't show the signs of wear like rubber does on the outside you should replace them every 2 years. Not sure if it is true or not but I change them just incase

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    Re: Stainless steel brake lines

    Have you ever seen any production car with stainless steel brake line? I have not.

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