Ok, this is a technical question about wiring harness (kind of) but I did'nt think anyone would see it in the general / off topic section. My appologies.

Does anyone happen to have a used Cable tie wrap gun for sale?? Or do you get a decent discount from your supplier? My networking / I.T. days are behind me and boy are these these thing getting pricey. I wish I would have kept mine.

I'm looking for a Panduit or similar Tie Wrap Gun / Installer for the Heavy Duty (I'm using 175lb) tie wraps. Model STH2 , ST3EH, STHV or equivilent.

I've tried E-bay, and some online sources but did'nt feel like paying $50-$80 ++++ for something that I use very rarely. Just thought I'd put it out there for anyone "in the business" or someone with a used one or who may have some info that I do not.