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Thread: I need HELP bad

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    I need HELP bad

    Im installing a 3.8 n/a into my fiero and i need to do the wiring harness i have both ready. Its an 04 engine obdII and an 88 gt wiring harness. Its just an engine swap into my fiero that a 5 speed getrag. Any help would be great. Thanks Austin

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    Re: I need HELP bad

    Check out all of the FunnyWheels threads. I have posted a ton of stuff on there. If you have something specific, my email is

    Do you have the flywheel set up yet? I have some information on my web site regarding that process as well. Here is what you will need to install a 3800 in your car. Engine.. Newer the better - generally nothing older than 1992 unless noted in the specific engine conversion page. The 3800 we recommend 1996 or newer Series II Engine. The 1990 and later Vin Code 1 or L are good engines. Lower the mileage the better. Buy a low mileage engine instead of increasing the cost greatly by rebuilding it if you have not done so already.

    3800 Series - C = 150 Hp 1988 to 1992 // L = 170 Hp 1990 to 1995 // 1 = 205, 225, 250 HP Supercharged 1992 to present // K = Series II 205 Hp 1995 to present

    Engine accessories needed:

    X Starter

    X Alternator

    X A/C Pump - Hoses & A/C Sensors

    X Power Steering Pump

    X Second Oxy Sensor after the Cat

    - Wire Harness - Engine to Computer / Engine computer ( ECM )/ Starter & Ground Cables / ALDL Connector / Automatic Wiring -- normally these can be removed without cutting.

    X All engine mounted sensors

    X Pollution Control Devices - EGR Valve / Canister Purge Valves / Carbon Canister

    X EGR / OXY Sensor newer engines have two Oxygen sensors on exhaust, one on manifold and the next just past the catalytic converter - both are needed / Vapor Canister

    - Exhaust system to Catalytic Converter

    - Engine & Transmission Mounts & Brackets

    - Torque Links

    - Dust Shields, accessory mounting brackets, covers....

    - To connect it to your Getrag you will need a Camero F series flywheel.

    The wiring will be a mess for a while but if you trace it down one circuit at a time you can get her done.


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    Re: I need HELP bad

    I have all of that stuff. Its a 2004 Series 2 with prob 20k miles. I picked it up for 500 including auto trans and power steering pump, cradle, harness and computer. But im using my getrag i just bought a spec stage 3 clutch bc i have plans for my engine in the future. Um do you have any diagrams i could use bc i am unwraping the harness tom. Thanks again Austin

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    Re: I need HELP bad

    Although he works mostly on the 3800 S/Cs, you might find some help (parts and info) from Loyde at Fast Fieros near Dallas ...

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