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    Does anyone know how to take off the ugly "T shaped side button" stock auto fiero shifter? Do you have to replace it with another button model ( I assume you do) also can it be a top button instead of side? ???

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    Re: shifter

    You can try rodney dickman's manual look a like arm - thats what I use on my car.

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    Re: shifter

    Thanks Ari that's a great idea. How do I get the old one off. Back in the day the "head" would just unscrew, how do these come off?

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    Re: shifter

    You must pull out the U-shaped clip from the front of the handle.

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    Re: shifter

    I belive there is a very small allen or Torx (star)bit screw on the bottom or back of the shifter handle use a mirror (or U-shaped clip as Amida says,I havent checked lately).It should be there.You should allso be able to use a replacement button model in a variety of styles includeing ones that look more like a shifter (must have the button).Exactely which ones work that would be a good question,I would recomed leaveing a post on Fiero Forum Titled "show me your Automatic shifter upgrade"(something like that).
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    Re: shifter

    You can use a solid ball on the top of the shifter and make a little tongue to stick out of the side of the shaft you can push down with your driving finger when going from park to drive etc. There is a simple nylon rod with some balls molded on it, you will need to cut off two of them, the tongue can be made from a bolt that fits into the shifter with the threaded part facing outward and the bolt head inside the shifter. I took a grinder to each side of the bolt to get it to fit. It fit like a slider in the shifter shaft.

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    Re: shifter

    There is a "staple" looking clip hidden in a slot on the front surface of the shift handle. If you pull the shifter all the way rearward and look at the front of the shift handle you'll see it. You can use a small screwdriver with a thin blade to pry it out, then the handle just pulls off from the top.

    The most common replacement I've seen is the "snake's head" knobs from the auto transmissions on the 1980s firebirds and camaros.

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    Re: shifter

    Oh yeah it kinda looks like a cobra.I That might look ok.
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