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Thread: source for wide track axles for F355

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    source for wide track axles for F355

    anybody gotten wide track axles?
    I got the Held +4" per side wide track suspension and now need axles to match. *have had no luck getting local.


    I've gotten no replies. what have all you other F355 builders done?? Don't tell me you all have huge wheel spacers there in the back.
    What was I thinking??!!  I could have a VR4 Spyder for this kind of money.

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    Re: source for wide track axles for F355

    Axles, Brakes and rear Suspension

    I had to make my axles longer due to the 355 Ferrari rebody I completed on my car. The axles are 4 inches wider on each side. I used a PST (precision Shaft Technologies), Clearwater, Florida, 727-XXX-XXXX to cut, lengthen and rebuild my axles. I beefed up my hubs to handle a larger bolt pattern and larger splines by using a set of S-10 4X4 front hubs mounted to Olds Cutlass Ciera uprights. I had to use the hub side CV joints and 1999 Buick Park Avenue axles mated to Fiero axles. The Ciera uprights are stronger than Fiero and can take the stresses of the 3800 conversion. The set up was topped of with 12 inch Wilwood brakes and “Bump Steer Correction” lower swing arms and coil over shocks, 350# springs and a 1” anti sway bar from Held Motor Sports. My theory is that if you are going to go fast, shift hard and corner correctly. I thought it best if I could stop on a dime and not have a desire to swap ends, as in the case with the OEM suspension.

    Bill of Materials

    89 Cutlass Ciera Upright Assembly (casting for larger bearings)
    88 – 89 Chevy S-10 Front Spindles and CV Joint Assembly for
    Front Wheel drive. (bigger bearing, heavy-duty splines, larger CV joints
    Ciera Upright Assembly machined to fit S-10 Parts into Casting.
    Ciera upright castings $10.00 each side
    S-10 Spindles and brakes $25.00 each side 4.75 bolt circle.
    99 Buick Park Avenue Axles, for used with 3800 transmission
    Custom axles, PST Engineering $400.00 Pair

    Braking System 12” Wilwood Disk Brake Package $2,855.00
    2 - 4.75 Bolt Circle Aluminum Hats
    2 – 108MM Bolt Circle Aluminum Hats
    4 - 12 Inch Vented Rotors
    2 - Caliper Bracketing Rear
    4 - 4 Piston Calipers
    Two – Manual Piston Emergency Brake Calipers
    Semi-Metallic Brake Pads, Rear
    High Friction Racing Pads, Front
    Stainless Steel Braided Lines to Match Wide Track Options
    High Volume GM Truck Master Cylinder
    Wilwood Proportioning Valve, Front Suspension and Brakes

    This fully self contained front suspension system for the '84-'87 Fiero comprises a replacement fabricated cross member with tubular upper and lower control arms. The spindles are fabricated uprights with bolt-in bearing/hub assemblies. The upright design resembles those found on some formula type racecars, being very strong and light, they allow a reduction in un-sprung weight and thereby improve handling. The 325# springs and HAL shocks are of the coil-over variety, with a large assortment of spring rates available and while the standard shock is a three way internally adjustable unit, there are other shock options including externally adjustable units. The standard Fiero steering rack is retained and the package is designed for use with Fiero replacement or standard sway bars (not included). I purchased an anti sway bar from Held Motor Sports in a 1 ¼ inch configuration. Control arm bushings are polyurethane and grease fittings are installed at all pivot points for easy lubrication, eliminating the annoying squeak normally found in urethane bushed suspensions.

    The system features purpose built geometry with excellent roll center and camber characteristics. I had mine manufactured to a width of 5 inches wider than stock to fir the 355 body conversion and Ferrari wheels. It incorporates anti-dive and is bump steer corrected. Ride comfort can be preserved or improved, or full race handling is achieved with the correct shock dampening and 325# spring rates. Of course changing ride height and or weight jacking (or transferring) is a snap with the coil-over system.

    Lateral acceleration figures in excess of one 'G' have been recorded with this system, using street tires and 325# spring rates. The system will not work with the standard Fiero brakes, the 12" Super Duty Wilwood brake system is used. High quality black powder coat finish is standard on all fabricated parts in this package. This is the ultimate Fiero front suspension system.
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