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Thread: Fiero A/C Upgrade

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    Fiero A/C Upgrade

    Can anyone tell me if there is an A/C blower motor that fits the Fiero with no need for alteration that blows more/faster air that the stock Fiero unit? I want to increase the air flow. Thanks

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    Re: Fiero A/C Upgrade

    I do not know if there is a replacement,but hopefully someone will chime in if there is ,because I would like the same.Now I do know that if you remove the motor a lot of people find dirt and debri in in the chamber that leads to the evaporator and heater core that restricts the airflow into the cabin.I am working right now so I can not give you more details.

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    Re: Fiero A/C Upgrade

    I also wanted a bigger blower until I bought another newer fiero. In addition to my kitcar, I have an 88 Formula - bought it with only 40,000 original miles and I'm the 2nd owner . The airflow is PLENTY, which lead me to believe that I jhad a problem in my kitcar (1985-based).

    Maybe you've done this stuff; maybe not. Remove the blower motor and use a vacuum hose to get into the sapce and vacuum it out severely. There is a little srceen in there in front of the condensor that could be partially blocking your airflow.

    Check your heater box (under the dash) and make sure all the doors are operating properly.

    Check the airflow through the vents on the lower "B" pillar behind the seats. You'll probably need to remove the big trim pieces, but if these vents aren't open to the "outside", flow will also suffer.

    Take a close look at your system and maybe you'll be surprised by getting what you want without spending any money

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    Re: Fiero A/C Upgrade

    Also check the flet around the doors.

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