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Thread: Water pump and cooling fans

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    Water pump and cooling fans

    How can I wire my electric water pump to run when engine starts, and stay on after engine shutdown, stop with the electric fans after everything cools down?
    Thanks Tom F

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    Re: Water pump and cooling fans

    Waterpump should usually come on with the ignition and remain on when the engine is running.

    The Fan(s) are (usually) wired to a temperature senor (some are adjustable) that will come on at a preset interval (190-205 degrees) and shut off at a preset temp (usually 170-180 degrees). On my last few cars, I wired the temp sensor (for the fans) which was fed directly to a 12V source in the fuse panel that was hot at all times and not tied to the ignition which is only hot when the key is in the run position.

    This way it does'nt really matter if the key is in the ignition or not. If you wire your fans to a temp sensor and a constant 12V source, they will come on and go off depending on the temperature alone. You can also wire are "direct" switch incase you want to turn the fan on manually or if you have a failure of a temp sensor or relay.

    As far as Electric Water Pump running after engine shutdown, you'll need to wire a secondary circuit the "initializes" when the key is off (through a relay) and runs for a preset time.

    A simple way would be to wire a second "manual" circuit that could be switched on when you exit the car and controls a timer which would run the pump for a preset amount of time. Similar to the way the fans run after the key is turned off.

    To get fancier, a "Toggle Circuit" consisting of 2 relays could "kick in" when you turn the car off allowing the Fan Temp sensor to control both the Fans and the Water Pump at shutdown only. The water Pump and Fans would both run until the preset temp was "hit" and then both would shut off.

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