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Thread: Headlights and frames and such

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    Headlights and frames and such

    Well I checked with the mechanic, and headlights in the spoiler just wont work for a safety check.
    All I have is the shell hooked up to fiero motors to pivot them in the car now. There is not "face" and no headlights or "holders" for them.
    What can people suggest I use?
    Fabricate a "face" and put "________ " car headlights in it?
    Anyone have experience in this build step?

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    Re: Headlights and frames and such

    I didn't use my shells for the face plate and fabricated my own head light system. I can sell you my head light face plates?
    email me at and I'll send you pictures of the un-used plates I have. Pictures of my build and head light system are on the custom car blog, my album is Paul Nikola

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    Re: Headlights and frames and such

    I have a small mold of the face plate ,basically a trim piece two holes for the lights but it has a nice curved edge to it and a sloping edge on the leading front at the bottom ...I don't have any pics sorry but I loaned it to Eddie a year or so ago and he made two for his car I extend the same offer to you if your ever in the Oshawa area ...john

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