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Thread: B&B 355 Kit

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    B&B 355 Kit

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone had pictures of a completed B & B Spyder 355 kit? I noticed on their page that the blue car has separate rocker panels (or it looks like it does anyway), although in their FAQ it says that it doens't. I read the other topics on B&B, and I was wondering maybe if I got one of their kits that i could cut off the half-rocker panel from the door and from the fender and make my "own" rocker panel. I'm not sure if that would work with the shape of the door frame or if its worth the 2 grand I'd be saving from getting a Mirage kit or something. What does everyone think?

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    Re: B&B 355 Kit

    Here are a few pics I took in Daytona a year before, Heck I can't remember when...Notice the red one ...rockers don't open...not a bb though.

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    Re: B&B 355 Kit

    Wow.. this kit actually looks pretty good. Thanks for the pictures Spyder. Now I'm debating on whether or not I want to go with saving up more money and spending lots of time locating a Mirage or going straight with B&B. I figure I can be happy with that rocker panel.. I guess.. ugh. decisions decisions! :'(

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    Re: B&B 355 Kit

    I separated the rockers on my Warlock kit. Since the factory Fiero rockers are positioned much lower on the frame rails, lowering the 355 rockers will require lowering the door/rocker line, which presented a fatter look to the side view(photo). Although it created much more work to do, I decided instead to trim the bottom of the door and beef-up and raise the rocker side rails. This will also straighten out the line. Like I said, it's more work.

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    Re: B&B 355 Kit

    Hey guys, the blue car and the black car are not B & B Kits. They are from John Watson, North Georgia. 706-971-4676. B & B purchased two or three kits from John then made a copy for their later stuff. B & B is not the same quality of the Watson stuff. My car is the red on in the photo, a Mirage kit. Watson will tell you the story if you give him a call to verify the information.
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