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Thread: Transmission shift cables

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    Transmission shift cables

    What do you use for stretched Fiero chassis shift cables? Can you stretch them, or do they have to be custom made, and if so where do you have this done? I've been looking at a Lambo replica with an 11 inch stretch, but am also thinking about a custom build, maybe with an even longer stretch than that. I plan to use the stock Fiero manual transmission.

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    Re: Transmission shift cables

    You can get custom cables from Terry Cable in California. You need to Google them to collect the necessary information. They will need a set of old cables for the end parts in order to make new cables. They will be at least 100% better than OEM Fiero cables (those were pretty good from GM to last 30 years). Should cost in the neighborhood of $300 - $400 for the pair of them.

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    Re: Transmission shift cables

    If you give the The Fiero Store a call they will have them made up for you. I think it was about $20 per cable more than the stock ones.

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    Re: Transmission shift cables

    You can stretch them for $0. Just cut the rod near the connection point under the shifter. Thread both ends. Then put in a piece of thread brake line. There are pics online of this process - I believe it was under from an older kit car magazine. I too posted pics when I did this for my old kit.
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    Re: Transmission shift cables

    Thanks guys

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