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Thread: Big Brake Kit

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    Big Brake Kit

    Does anyone know, can you use front Corvette Z06 calipers and 13 inch disks for a big brake kit, for a 1984 Fiero?
    Do you need to have special brackets made and would there be any clearance issues with the shocks, or anyother front end parts?

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    Re: Big Brake Kit

    You will need to change your front spindles and pretty much most of the front suspension in order to accomodate the C2 brake kit....I believe HELD Motorsports (now under a different name) used to sell a complete bolt on kit for the Fiero but it was not cheap....Do a search in the achieves and you will find references to the setup with photos.

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    Re: Big Brake Kit

    HI all,

    Are you on pennocks fiero forum? If so, pm a guy named madcurl, he is getting a vette 13 inch brake package from Design 1 systems.... They do northstar installs for the fiero.... It doesn't show the brake upgrade on their site, but if you contact them they should be able to qoute you a price!

    link to site.....
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