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Thread: Kits for GM X-frame

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    Kits for GM X-frame


    Some guy came over to my house the other day to buy an old Mustang GT that I was parting out. He told me that he had a 1964 Bel Air or Impala (I can't remember which one) which has an X frame (the ones where the driveshaft goes through the inside of the center section of the frame. These frames were quite advanced for their time, as they had a four link rear suspension. I then told him that I had one of those X frames in my back yard as I am rebuilding a 1962 Pontiac Stratochief (which is like a Bonneville or Catalina). I got the spare frame as a bonus when I bought the Stratochief. I kept it for spare parts (the previous owner replaced most of the front suspension/steering components). Anyway, to make a long story somewhat shorter, this guy told me that these X frames are quite sought after by kit car builders because of the ease of just dropping a body onto them. Has anybody ever heard of this? Does anyone know which manufacturer might make kitcars for this type of frame? I was going to junk it after the completion of the Stratochief, but I may decide to keep it if I can do something with it.

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    Re: Kits for GM X-frame

    Welcome to the forum.I belive kit car builders will reinforce the chassie for a convertable,resulting in an X frame.Sorry but,I wouldnt know if anyone would have a use for your frame because of the diffrent dimensions.You might try placeing it on ebay or your local paper.
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