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Thread: wanted chassis plans from anything!!

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    wanted chassis plans from anything!!

    hi all,
    i am looking to build a one off vehicle as a learning curve. i have seen a few chassis plans for sale, namely chassisworks and NAERC but at min USA$400-1500 they are way out of my reach as onverion rates and so on come into play, im located in Australia.
    I was wondering if anyone had or new of some cheap chassis plans of anything, mid/front mont dosnt matter, but prferably mid space frame design. free or cheap would be great and im aware of the Locost already.

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    Re: wanted chassis plans from anything!!

    jonesy click this link and look at the last post by Don. He has some plans he will email you.


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    Re: wanted chassis plans from anything!!

    Already sent them to him.
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